Additional Resources

Q:  Do you have any recommendations for me as my pay has been impacted by COVID-19?

A:  We know these can be economically challenging times for many.  There are a number of good resources, including: and 



Q:  I am a member of the Evangel family with a particularly challenging need, is there a possibility that Evangel may be able to help?

A:  You may contact the church business office by emailing

All Counties

• COVID-19 Resources

• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

● Food Finder Map (type in your zip code to search for locations near you)

• New Jersey Housing and Rental Assistance and Mortgage Relief

• New Jersey Housing Counselors

• New Jersey Board of Utilities COVID-19 Response

• New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (Unemployment Information)


Union County

• Union County Food Pantry Locations

• Union County Rental Assistance Programs

• Food Finder Map (type in your zip code to search for locations near you)

• Union County Division of Health Services: Division on Aging

• Meals on Wheels Union County

• Family Crisis: 24/7 response within 1 hour for youths in crisis or unable to remain in their homes
by calling 908-514-2313


Middlesex County

• Middlesex County Food Pantry Locations

• Middlesex County Senior Meal Program

• Middlesex County Food Assistance

• Rental Assistance in Middlesex County

• Middlesex County Assistance Programs

• Middlesex School District Lunch Request for School Closure


Jersey City

• Jersey City Food Pantry Locations

• Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and Food Pantries in Jersey City

• Jersey City Assistance Programs

• Jersey City Public School Food Services

• Jersey City Division of Food and Nutrition