Not sure how to fast?  This document gives you some clear guidelines and instructions you need to consider when fasting.  Please read it carefully to help you throughout the fast.


To help you go deeper in your journey throughout the next 21 days, we’ve put together this awesome guide to challenge you in your prayer life and as you seek the Lord.


*If you have any health concerns, it is recommended to consult a Doctor prior to beginning one of these fasts.

Complete Fast

In this type of fast, you drink only liquids, typically water with light juices as an option. (You should consult with a physician if you are contemplating this type of fast)

Selective Fast

This type of fast involves removing certain elements from your diet. One example of a selective fast is the Daniel Fast, during which you remove meat, sweets, and bread from your diet and consume water and juice for fluids and fruits and vegetables for food.

Partial Fast

This fast is sometimes called the “Jewish Fast” and involves abstaining from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon. This can either correlate to specific times of the day, such as 6:00 am to 3:00 pm, or from sunup to sundown.

Need a plan to follow along for these 21 days? Check out these awesome plans we’ve got lined up for you to help you go deeper during your fast!