Across the street & around the world

Thanks to your consistent generosity, Evangel has been able to provide crucial support to over 160 missionaries and partners, spanning local communities and regions worldwide. Their mission is to bring individuals into life-changing relationships with Jesus, and your faithful giving has been instrumental in turning this vision into a reality.

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Four Areas of Impact:

Global Missions

160 Missionaries & Partners 

Throughout our church’s 110-year history, our unwavering missional focus has centered on supporting missionaries. Our roots trace back to a missionary family from Germany, and today, we proudly stand behind more than 160 missionaries and organizations, both in our local community and around the world. This extensive support system is made possible through the faithful act of tithing by our congregation. When we tithe, allocating 10% of every contribution, we consistently send forth financial support each month to these missionaries and organizations. This ongoing commitment continues to expand God’s work, impacting lives across the street and around the world.

Global Missions Projects

Through our dedicated partnerships, Evangel Church has left a significant mark on a global scale, addressing critical issues such as hunger, village development, refugee support, combating human trafficking, disaster relief, and transforming communities. Through the years, we’ve tirelessly served the most vulnerable in the name of Jesus, while spreading the Gospel to unreached communities. With the support of Kingdom Builders, our partners will be able to extend their reach even further, providing nourishment to the hungry, clothing for the naked, welcome to strangers, visiting those in prison, and continuing the transformative work in global communities to an unprecedented extent.

Local Outreach & Church Multiplication

We are passionate about reaching out to our local community and seeing lives transformed. Our Boxes of Hope initiative brings joy and blessings to families during Thanksgiving and Easter, and our Backpack Outreach and Christmas Blessings programs bring hope and happiness to local children. We partner with organizations that provide healing and restoration for the addicted, broken, and lost in our own communities. Additionally, we are committed to supporting the multiplication of life-giving churches in cities across the country. By investing in local churches, we can bring about lasting change and make a real impact in our own nation.

Future Kingdom Leaders

As followers of Jesus, it is our duty to invest in the future leaders of the kingdom. Your support through Kingdom Builders will enable us to support and shape the future of our college students and youth. We plan to fund upcoming missions trips for middle and high school students, recognizing that these experiences can often inspire a call to ministry. These trips can also be a stepping stone for future pastors and missionaries to lead others into the Kingdom. Additionally, we will offer scholarships to Evangel college students pursuing careers in the marketplace, with the goal of removing any obstacles that may stand in the way of them fulfilling their potential in the Lord’s plan.

Global Missions

Goal: $330,000

Heart for Lebanon

Our continued support for Heart for Lebanon allows us to invest in the lives of people they serve. We are helping to make disciples by providing essentials for living, allowing their team to build relationships and trust with families in need, and providing Christian education materials to refugees and poorer Lebanese. 

Feed My Starving Children

FMSC is committed to making an impact in the area of world hunger by making food accessible to children through feeding programs. For $88, you can feed one child for a year, or for $365, you can feed an entire family for one year. Our goal is to provide over 100,000 meals this year. Your gift goes a long way in the fight against hunger.

World Help: Village Transformation

This year we are continuing to bring village transformation to Honduras by providing a clean-water well, which brings health and a new way of life for an entire village. We will also continue to meet the ever present needs of the villages we already support through food and other essentials.

Human Trafficking Awareness

We partner with organizations like Project Rescue to fight human trafficking both locally and globally. Through prevention, intervention, and restoration we can work together to bring hope and freedom.

Speed the Light

This student-initiated program provides missionaries with reliable vehicles and other necessary equipment to bring the light of the gospel wherever they are serving. $35,000 will purchase 1 vehicle for a missionary.

Bringing Hope & Transformation Though Global Initiatives

World Serve – Mafia Island Project

In the face of persistent persecution, the Christian community on Mafia Island, Tanzania, confronts significant challenges, including alarmingly high infant mortality rates during childbirth. Partnering with WorldServe, we are on a mission to build a hospital and birthing center that will offer hope, healing, and new life to the people of Mafia Island. This initiative goes beyond just healthcare; it provides an opportunity for the island’s residents to encounter the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Your generous support is the driving force behind this endeavor, and by joining us, you are making a tangible difference by bringing lasting change to Mafia Island and its resilient Christian community. 

Holy Land Relief

Amid the ongoing crisis in the Holy Land, our heartfelt commitment is to provide critical support to those deeply impacted during this war. Our prayer is to stand as a source of assistance and comfort to those in and around the Holy Land during their time of unthinkable hardship and loss. We will also be providing support to the Christian community in and around Israel, empowering them to serve as a light of hope and support in the midst of these trying circumstances. Together, we aim to make a meaningful impact and bring relief to those affected by the current crisis.

Convoy of Hope

In partnership with Convoy of Hope, our support plays a pivotal role in responding to natural disasters across the globe, allowing us to provide essential relief supplies and share the message of Christ’s love in times of crisis. Additionally, we are actively engaged in their FEEDone initiative, ensuring that children receive daily sustenance – a lifeline for many who may otherwise go without a meal. Together, we are making a profound and lasting difference, offering hope and nourishment to those in need, both near and far.

Local Outreach and Church Multiplication

Goal: $325,000


Boxes of Hope

“Boxes of Hope” was born during the COVID-19 pandemic as a response to isolation and despair. Our vision has since evolved into a year-round mission to meet real-life needs while spreading hope in Jesus’ name. From disaster relief and school supplies to Christmas gifts, our mission is clear: “Hope is on the way.” With your support, we deliver Easter and Thanksgiving Boxes to up to 1500 families, offering not just meals but a reminder of Christ’s love. A $50 contribution can make a world of difference, providing both nourishment and spiritual comfort. Join us in bringing hope to those who need it most. 


Your generosity enables us to respond to crises and transitions, offering support to those facing financial hardships during challenging periods.

Christmas Blessings

Within our longstanding community partnerships, our church family will be gifting Christmas presents to children. A $30 donation from you can transform a child’s Christmas dream into a reality.

Backpack Outreach

$25 can empower a child to kickstart their new school year with confidence. We work hand in hand with local schools to furnish backpacks brimming with vital school supplies. 

Woodbridge Food Pantry

We are committed to assisting our neighbors in maintaining food security, offering support not just during the holidays, but all year round.

Missions Awareness Events & Resources 

Your giving plays a vital role in nurturing a heart of missional generosity within Evangel Church. It enables us to host mission events, invite inspiring speakers, and provide valuable resources that keep the flames of passion for missions burning brightly in our hearts.

Salt & Light Initiatives

Join our Salt & Light initiatives as we bridge the gap from despair to hope through City Relief, support pregnancy centers, engage in anti-human trafficking efforts, extend love and compassion to our community through service, and continue to uplift through prayer and senior care.


City Relief

City Relief connects people who are hurting and homeless to resources they need to survive, and the hope they need to try. We would like to raise $20,000 to help City Relief provide: emergency shelter, food, socks, ID, detox, employment, and the belief that a brighter future is possible.


Pregnancy Centers

Your giving allows these frontline ministries, like Gateway Pregnancy Center and First Choice, to provide practical assistance, education, and resources to help everyone they serve choose life.



Local Anti-Human Trafficking

Prevention, detection, outreach, advocacy, and survivor care are all ways local organizations like CAN equips churches like Evangel to engage to make a difference locally in the fight against human trafficking.



Caring for the Community

We are committed to participating in community service projects, embodying the heart of being salt and light, as we extend a helping hand to our neighbors with the love and compassion of Jesus. Through our actions, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact, uplifting those around us and strengthening the bonds within our community.

Miriam’s Heart

By participating in their Care Portal, we will partner to respond to foster, adoptive, and biological families in crisis in our area. Your giving will meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs and help to build strong families.


We will send 20 teenage moms and their babies to a Christian camp. A gift of $150 will provide a week of fun, friendship, and spiritual development. Throughout the year, Evangel will support the needs of our local chapter through our local outreach efforts.

Recovery Ministries

We have been able to come alongside Hoving Home and Adult & Teen Challenge, NJ to help men and women find freedom from addiction by helping meet both their physical and spiritual needs.

Hoving Home

We have been able to come alongside the ladies of Hoving Home through gift cards to help meet their needs, and support them in various campaigns throughout the year.

Changing Communities Through Church Multiplication

In 2023, we will be partnering with three to four church planters around the country to launch life-giving Assemblies of God churches in communities of greatest spiritual need.

Impact Center · Providence, RI 

Impact Center, a diverse intergenerational church in the heart of Providence, RI, is dedicated to bringing God’s holistic transformation to individuals and communities through Christ. Led by Pastor Percy and Katie Ballah, they emerged in September 2019 as a branch of Restoration Church, partnered with Providence AG amid pandemic challenges, and officially became Impact Center Providence AG in February 2021.

In their first year, they upgraded their historic building into a community support hub, providing groceries and meals to over 500 people year-round. As they enter their third year, they continue to thrive, committed to transforming lives and communities through Christ. To further their mission, they are planning to make essential upgrades to their building, ensuring accessibility for those physically impaired and enhancing their ministry.

Ignite LA Church · Los Angeles, CA

Ignite LA Church, led by Pastors Logan Lee and Gabriella Lee, is a dynamic community with a vision for a life-giving church. Their mission in the diverse heart of Los Angeles is built on their experiences. The Lees previously led a thriving Young Adult ministry and have backgrounds in business development and nonprofit work. Growing up in a church of over 60 different nations, their unique perspective guides their approach to creating a diverse and welcoming family of believers. In the multicultural city of Los Angeles, where more than 40% of residents come from abroad, Ignite LA Church is committed to sharing the Gospel with everyone, spreading love and hope across all backgrounds. Join us in supporting their inspiring work in the City of Angels.

Future Kingdom Leaders

Goal: $100,000

Education Scholarships 

Your generous support powers our Education Scholarships, such as the Huber Scholarship for college students, and the DiBella Fund for community members pursuing mission work. Your dedication to these scholarships is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering educational and mission initiatives within our church community, making a meaningful impact on the lives of our students and missional workers. 

Retreat Scholarships 

Scholarships are provided for youth and young adult retreats that are held throughout the year so that no young person has to miss out on these opportunities to seek God in a time away with their peers.

Youth Missions Trips 

We endeavor to support our students who wish to participate in missions trips which can propel them towards life-long ministry and mature them in their faith. $1500 will cover the cost of one student’s life-changing experience. This year our high school students are going to El Salvador to support the ministry of King’s Castle Ministries.

University of Valley Forge 

With a distinguished tradition of training pastors and missionaries, we wholeheartedly support the University of Valley Forge in their ongoing mission to prepare young individuals for a life of dedicated service within the church and in the global community.

Campus Ministries 

Our active support of college campus missionaries in CRU and Chi Alpha includes sponsoring students to attend their leaders’ retreats and participating in welcoming incoming students during fall move-in events. These initiatives, along with other services and events, collectively contribute to the transformation of students’ lives, fostering personal growth, spiritual development, and a sense of community.

Leadership Development 

Our generous contributions are instrumental in nurturing leadership development, equipping individuals to heed the call of God. We support emerging leaders in various ways, from preparing mission trip leaders to providing hands-on experiences that empower future kingdom leaders, ensuring they are prepared to serve today.


Rutgers Chi Alpha

Sara George

In joining Chi Alpha, there were numerous opportunities to grow deeper in the Bible, build life-long friendships, and bless our community by putting our faith into action.  Rutgers Chi Alpha facilitated the growth of my spiritual life and introduced me to opportunities to be bold in sharing my faith in Jesus. During this time, the Lord revealed to me the power of His presence and the beauty of Godly community. College brings countless emotions and varying encounters; therefore, having people who keep you accountable and ensure that you are rooted in the Word is paramount.

Youth Missions

Victoria Hernandez

Hi, my name is Victoria Hernandez, and this summer, I was part of a group of 23 people who went on a mission trip to El Salvador on behalf of Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. While on the trip, God revealed Himself to me in a way like never before. To get to El Salvador, I was part of a group of 6 people who had a layover in Texas. However, our flight to Texas was delayed, causing us to miss our flight to El Salvador. We were stuck in Texas for one night with nothing but the clothes on our backs and only some of our belongings. The verse that got us through the night was, “Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later.” (Romans 8:18 NLT). Surely enough, that turned out to be true. In El Salvador, I witnessed healing, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and deliverance.

Going into the trip, I felt useless and as though I would not be of any help, but God showed me that my age does not define me. I had the opportunity to help my peers translate from Spanish to English and vice-versa. Even though there was a slight language barrier, I was humbled before the Lord when I had the opportunity to pray for young children who were going through things that I could never imagine going through at such a young age. While on the trip, I felt a calling from the Lord to continue serving young children. Now, at my church, I am a Sunday school teacher and a youth group leader. If I had not listened to the call from the Lord to go on the mission trip, I don’t know where I would be right now. I formed unbreakable bonds with the people I went with, and God revealed only a glimpse of how great His plan for my life is.



When we say that “We Live On Mission”, across the street, and around the world, we are committing to see Christ exalted in people’s lives globally, locally, and in the hearts of our future leaders. Through Kingdom Builders, Evangel Church is ready to step into the YES – step into giving, step up to generosity, and step out in faith.

Together, we will see the power of Changed Lives, Changing Communities, elevated to a new level.

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And pledge with Evangel Church to see the power of Changed Lives, Changing Communities

2024 Kingdom Builders Goal:

A Financial Overview


160 Missionaries and Organizations Monthly Support


Global Missions Projects


Local Outreach and Church Multiplication


Future Kingdom Leaders