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Step into the Yes

And pledge with Evangel Church to see the power of Changed Lives, Changing Communities

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Three Areas of Impact:

Global Missions

Through our partners, Evangel Church has made global impact in the areas of hunger, village transformation, refugee relief, human trafficking and disaster relief. Over the years, the least of these have been served in Jesus’ name, and the Gospel has gone out to unreached people. Through Kingdom Builders, our partners will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, and visit the prisoner to a greater degree than ever before.

Local Outreach and Church Multiplication

We are passionate about reaching out to our local community and seeing lives transformed. Our Boxes of Hope initiative brings joy and blessings to families during Thanksgiving and Easter, and our Backpack Outreach and Christmas Blessings programs bring hope and happiness to local children. We partner with organizations that provide healing and restoration for the addicted, broken, and lost in our own communities. Additionally, we are committed to supporting the multiplication of life-giving churches in cities across the country. By investing in local churches, we can bring about lasting change and make a real impact in our own nation. Join us in this exciting challenge to bring hope and transformation to our community!

Future Kingdom Leaders

As followers of Jesus, it is our duty to invest in the future leaders of the kingdom. Your support through Kingdom Builders will enable us to support and shape the future of our college students and youth. We plan to fund upcoming missions trips for middle and high school students, recognizing that these experiences can often inspire a call to ministry. These trips can also be a stepping stone for future pastors and missionaries to lead others into the Kingdom. Additionally, we will offer scholarships to Evangel college students pursuing careers in the marketplace, with the goal of removing any obstacles that may stand in the way of them fulfilling their potential in the Lord’s plan.

Global Missions

Goal: $330,000

World Help: Village Transformation
This year we are continuing to bring village transformation to Guatemala by providing a clean-water well, which brings health and a new way of life for an entire village. We will also continue to meet the ever present needs of the villages we already support through food and other essentials.

Feed My Starving Children
FMSC is committed to making an impact in the area of world hunger by making food accessible to children through feeding programs. For $88, you can feed one child for a year, or for $365, you can feed an entire family for one year. Our goal is to provide over 100,000 meals this year. Your gift goes a long way in the fight against hunger.

Convoy of Hope Disaster Relief
$100,00 helps Convoy of Hope deliver tangible aid with compassion when disaster strikes across the street and around the world.

Human Trafficking Awareness
We partner with organizations like Project Rescue and Let My People Go to fight human trafficking both locally and globally. Through prevention, intervention, and restoration, we can work together to bring hope and freedom.

Refugee Relief
Refugees around the world desperately need our help. Their reasons for fleeing are different but the essentials these refugees need to survive are the same. Every $35 you give will provide a week’s worth of emergency supplies for a refugee from Afghanistan, Ukraine, or another country in crisis.

Heart for Lebanon
Our continued support for Heart for Lebanon allows us to invest in the lives of people they serve. We are helping to make disciples by providing essentials for living, allowing their team to build relationships and trust with families in need, and providing christian education materials to refugees and poorer Lebanese people.

World Serve provides clean water, sanitation, education, and economic opportunities to alleviate suffering in Tanzanian villages. This year we are investing in a hospital building project.

Speed the Light
This student-initiated program provides missionaries with reliable vehicles and other necessary equipment to bring the light of the gospel wherever they are serving. $35,000 will purchase 1 vehicle for a missionary.



In the face of ongoing persecution, the Christian community on Mafia Island, Tanzania faces numerous challenges, including a devastatingly high rate of infant deaths during childbirth. Despite these obstacles, these resilient believers remain steadfast in their faith and commitment to reach their community. Our partner, WorldServe, has recognized the urgent need for change and through your giving, we will bring hope and healing to the people of Mafia Island.



By building a new hospital and birthing center, we aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for mothers to give birth and bring new life to the community. Your support in this effort will not only save lives and improve health outcomes, but also open the door for those living on the island to experience the hope and love of Jesus Chris. Join us in this mission to bring hope, healing, and
new life to the people of Mafia Island.

Local Outreach and Church Multiplication

Goal: $330,000

Boxes of Hope
We would like to provide meals for up to 1200 families through our Easter and Thanksgiving Boxes. Your $50 contribution feeds a family of four.





Christmas Blessings

Our church family will provide Christmas gifts to children within our established community partnerships. Your $30 gift can make a child’s Christmas wish come true.

Woodbridge Food Pantry
We will help our neighbors with food security not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.

Your generosity helps us to meet needs in times of crisis and transition, and bear the burdens of those who are struggling financially in difficult times.

Service for Service
Every other year we trade a service to be of service in the local community by mobilizing about 1,000 volunteers in a variety of projects that support families and partners both locally and globally.

Backpack Outreach
Your $25 gift can help children have a strong start to their new school year. We partner with our local schools to provide backpacks filled with essential school supplies.




“Boxes of Hope” is an initiative started by Evangel Church during the COVID-19 pandemic. The vision behind this project is to spread hope and bring comfort to individuals facing tough times.


Since its inception, thousands of families have received support and have been touched by the love of Christ through this initiative. The impact of this project goes beyond just providing for basic needs, it has the power to transform lives and communities. Whenever a challenge arises, whether it be in the form of a natural disaster or individual struggles, the community can rest assured knowing that HOPE is on the way!

Each year, the church also provides Easter and Thanksgiving meals to families in need, further demonstrating their commitment to bringing hope to those who need it the most. Through your giving to Kingdom Builders, we aim to continue this mission of spreading hope and changing lives.

City Relief
City Relief connects people who are hurting and homeless to resources they need to survive, and the hope they need to try.We would like to raise $20,000 to help City Relief provide: emergency shelter, food, socks, ID, detox, employment, and the belief that a brighter future is possible.

We will send 20 teenage moms and their babies to a Christian camp. A gift of $150 will provide a week of fun, friendship, and spiritual development. Throughout the year, Evangel will support the needs of our local chapter through our local outreach efforts.

Local Anti-Human Trafficking
Prevention, detection, outreach, advocacy, and survivor care are all ways local organizations like CAN equips churches like Evangel to engage to make a difference locally in the fight again human trafficking.

Miriam’s Heart
By participating in their Care Portal, we will partner to respond to foster, adoptive, and biological families in crisis in our area. Your giving will meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and help to build strong families.

Pregnancy Centers
Your giving allows these frontline ministries, like Gateway Pregnancy Center and First Choice, to provide practical assistance, education, and resources to help everyone they serve choose life.

Recovery Ministries
We have been able to come alongside Hoving Home and Adult & Teen Challenge, NJ to help men and women find freedom from addiction by helping meet both their physical and spiritual needs.

Changing Communities Through Church Multiplication

In 2023, we will be partnering with three to four church planters around the country to launch life-giving Assemblies of God churches in communities of greatest spiritual need.

Rhythm Church • Pensacola, Florida

Rhythm Church in Pensacola, Florida is a beacon of hope for its community, bringing the love of Christ to all those it serves. With the support of Kingdom Builders, this life-giving church has been able to grow and make a real impact. Starting small with a congregation meeting in a movie theater, it quickly moved to a store front. And by the end of 2022, a miracle had occurred as the church merged with another local church, acquiring a new building, land, and members. The church is now poised to maximize its brand new space and continue spreading the message of hope and love to the community of Pensacola. Your support through Kingdom Builders makes all this possible, and we encourage you to continue giving so that Rhythm Church can reach even more people and make a lasting impact.

Vivid Church • Lexington, South Carolina

Vivid Church in Lexington, South Carolina is a vibrant community of believers, led by Pastors Allen and Amanda Kendrick. The church exists to help people discover the vivid story that God has in store for them. Since launching in 2020, the church has experienced remarkable growth, requiring multiple services to accommodate its expanding congregation. Today, over 300 people attend weekly and over 170 have come to know Jesus. With the completion of a new space, Vivid Church is poised to continue growing and reaching even more people in Lexington. By supporting Kingdom Builders, you can help this dynamic church lead people into the vivid story that God has for them, bringing hope and purpose to countless lives.

Future Kingdom Leaders

Goal: $80,000

Huber Scholarships
The Huber Scholarship was established to give Evangel Church college students a hand-up as they pursue their goals for higher education.  

Retreat Scholarships
Scholarships are provided for youth and young adult retreats that are held throughout the year so that no young person has to miss out on these opportunities to seek God in a time away with their peers.

Christian Campus Ministries
We assist our college campus missionaries in CRU and Chi Alpha by helping send students to their leaders’ retreats, and also to reach incoming students move-in events at the beginning of each fall season.

DiBella Scholarships
The DiBella Fund was specifically developed to encourage people from Evangel who are called to the mission field and get them started on their way.

Youth Missions Trips
We endeavor to support our students who wish to participate in missions trips which can propel them towards life-long ministry and mature them in their faith. $1800 will cover the cost of one student’s life-changing experience. This year our high school students are going to El Salvador to support the ministry of King’s Castle Ministries.

University of Valley Forge
With a long history of training pastors and missionaries, we support UVF to continue their mission to prepare young people for a life of service in the church and in the world.



When we say that We Live On Mission, across the street, and around the world, we are committing to see
Christ exalted in people’s lives globally, locally, and in the hearts of our future leaders. Through Kingdom Builders, Evangel Church is ready to step into the Yes – step into giving, step up to generosity, and step out
in faith. Together, we will see the power of Changed Lives, Changing Communities, elevated to a new level.

We are all part of this vision! How will you make a difference in 2023?


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Step out in faith – reach further than you ever imagined and watch how God takes you on an adventure of generosity and faith!

Step into the Yes

And pledge with Evangel Church to see the power of Changed Lives, Changing Communities

2023 Kingdom Builders Goal: