Members & Candidates (In-Person)

Action required (see below).

Download your packet by clicking the link. Then, see the instructions below to learn how to pre-register (required for those attending online), submit your questions prior to the meeting, watch, vote, and more.

Download Packet

Non-Members & Online Viewing Only

No further action required.

Only Members that attend in person are able to participate during the meeting. However, you are welcomed to attend in person or view the meeting online. To view online, please see below to pre-register. If you’re interested in becoming a member, click the button below for more information.

How to Become a Member


Pre-Register (Online Viewing Only)

If you cannot join us in Scotch Plains, each individual member – not household – should pre-register for Deacon voting purposes.

To register, click the link below.  If you are not a member, you are still welcome to attend either in person or online. However, any online viewers will not be able to participate during the meeting.

Pre-Register Here


Download your Membership Packet

If you are unable to download the packet electronically, you can pick up a hard copy on Sundays at either locations or during weekly business hours in Scotch Plains. 

Download Here


Submit Your Questions

Have any questions? Click the button below to submit it now. This will help us tremendously in preparing for the meeting and addressing all your comments or concerns.

Submit Questions Here



Each member who is attending the meeting must check-in. The day of the meeting you can visit one of the kiosks in the main lobby at Scotch Plains.


Voting for your deacon candidates will be available after the meeting has concluded. Members in attendance or who have pre-registered for a proxy ballot will be emailed a private link to cast their votes.

If you have a question during the meeting and you are a:

  1. Member (In-Person): You can ask your questions during the designated time of the meeting, or you can submit your questions ahead of time at the link provided in the “Prior to Meeting” section.
  2. Member (Online): Please submit your questions prior to the meeting using the link provided in the “Prior to Meeting” section. You will not be able to ask questions if you are not physically present at the meeting.
  3. Non-Member (In-Person or Online): Non-members are not permitted to ask questions during the meeting, however you are welcome to attend the meeting to hear about all that God has in store for the year of 2022.


Deacon Elections

Since each elected Deacon requires a simple majority vote per our church constitution, we utilize Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). The Deacon voting will be done via an email link immediately following the meetingYou will receive further instructions on how to cast your IRV ballot during the meeting. Results will be communicated by Wednesday, November 24th.